• Conor Reeves

Mr Crockett; an officer on the Somme.

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Mr. H. L. Crockett, former Oxford scholar, became the Head Master of Sandbach School between 1926-46. He took over from the S.W. Finn (M.A Cambridge, Head between 1898-1926) who had himself taken over from G. Heslop (M.A. Cambridge, Head between 1888-1898) who chose the School's motto and crest. Crockett joined just before the building of the School's war memorial pavilion. Although he had not known the boys that it commemorated, he must have thought of the many friends and colleagues he had seen fall during his own service in the 1914-18 war. During the conflict, received a commission to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers (which became the Royal Welch Fusiliers after the War) and had been badly wounded on the Somme, in fierce fighting at High Wood, near Martinpuich.

Mr H. L. Crockett.



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