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About me

As a former pupil of Sandbach School, I am myself an Old Sandbachian. Though I now study History (BA) at the University of Oxford, many times I sat in the same classrooms and walked the same corridors as those 36 men recorded on the School's Great War memorial.

At University, I have studied papers as diverse as Anglo-Saxon Britain, Renaissance Europe, Gender, Sexuality, Anthropology and Art. I hope this variation will ensure that I can produce an insightful, comprehensive and above all accurate account which does justice to the subject it covers. In my second year, I was a member of the Pembroke College History Society Executive. 

I have written for, and contributed to, a number of articles, books and blogs on the subject of the Great War (including but not limited to the BBC, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, local newspapers and the work of Times Best Selling Authors). Whilst continuing to write The Roll-Call of King Death and working towards my degree, I am currently engaged the research phase of my undergraduate thesis which is on the subject of boxing in the First World War. 

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